Monday, June 3, 2019

For Your Consideration: An Explanation and a Request

Through the years Brennan's Pen has grown substantially. Directly and indirectly, with it I minister to hundreds of pastors, missionaries, professors, Bible college students, and local church leaders around the world. Whether it is a brief selection from a book I have been reading, or a blog article I have published, an audio sermon I have preached, or a personal interaction with a reader, I send out nearly 15,000 emails a month. Those emails contain completely free content.

The problem that has arisen as this ministry has grown is simple. Providing this much free content on this wide of a scale has begun to cost me more and more money. I view this as a ministry, not a money-making opportunity. I have never charged for any of it. But the cost of providing such a ministry to so many people is becoming onerous. (Go ahead, I will wait while you look that one up on <grin>) If you see value in a ministry to local church leaders like this, and you would be willing to help me bear the cost of doing so I would be grateful for your support. Again, to be clear, I am not trying to make money. I am trying to simply pay the costs associated with providing this much free content so widely.

As a way of saying thank you for helping me in this I want to offer my patrons two unique things. The first is access to the digital files of all the quotes I have sent out over the last ten years. These files contain 2,200 quotes from hundreds of books about ministry. The quotes are organized into 524 categories by subject and more are being added daily. The second unique thing available only to patrons is access to my organized sermon notes. These are not notes to stand alone sermons. They are the notes to in-depth series I have preached over the years, expository series, biographical series, doctrinal series, subject studies, Bible institute curriculum, etc. There are detailed notes for nearly 1,200 messages available with more being added regularly.

If any of this interests you - supporting Brennan's Pen as it ministers to local church leaders, and/or receiving access to the quotes or sermon files - I would simply ask you to consider signing up for a monthly subscription. I suggest $1 per month though I would happily take a more if you want to give it. Patreon is a widely reputable organization, and your financial information will be kept secure. 

Thank you for your consideration.

Tom Brennan

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