Monday, March 11, 2019

For a Season

Poetry 6

Over thirty years ago I began to write poetry. From time to time, usually between blog series, I will share one or two with you. Such is the case today. Nearly a decade ago, while preaching an expositional sermon series through I Peter, I was struck by the phrase for a season. After developing a sermon on that theme, I wrote this poem to end the message. Next week, a new blog series launches, but for today I offer you the following thoughts:

For a Season

I wept as I walked down the road
A paperboy trudging through rain
My heart was hurt 'neath the load
But I didn't see then the pain
          ...was only 'for a season.'

I wept as I walked down the road
A steelworker stumbling through snow
The bleak ice of winter's abode
A mirror of my cry of woe
          ...but 'twas only 'for a season.'

I wept as I stood by the crib
In that lonely hospital room
Her heart fluttered 'neath the rib
And close by death whispered doom
          ...but 'tis only 'for a season.'

I wept sitting there in my car
When I came to your house to pray
I know a bit 'bout the scar
On your heart, so I gently say
 is only 'for a season.'

O my people, I lovingly plead
For your patience and faith in the Lord
You suffer heartaches indeed
Take the comfort this thought does afford
          ...'twill be only 'for a season.'

I promise your sorrow will end
A smile will return to your face
The tear in your heart He will mend
The wound with joy He'll replace
          ...because this is only 'for a season.'

And someday we'll all gather 'round
The Throne in eternity's day
This suffering life we'll lay down
The tears all wiped away
          ...and it won't just be 'for a season.'


  1. I've written a few poems myself, but my most famous is about beards. (Go figure.) I find writing poetry is good exercise for preachers. It stretches our wordsmithing skills.

    Great thoughts!

    1. Where could I find this famous poem about beards?

    2. Enjoy:

      For awhile, it was featured on a beard product website - five minutes of fame and all that.